10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Parsnip

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We think we know all the types of food, available to us for eating, but the fact is that we don’t even know an iota about the variety of natural foods available to us! There are many varieties of vegetables available in the market, but we stick only to the tried ones. Maybe it is time we step out of our comfort levels and try something new!

The parsnip is a root plant that looks like a carrot, but is white in its appearance and quite different in taste. It is a plant that grows once a year and is usually left underground once it is fully grown to let it become sweet naturally and improve its taste. Used since the earlier days, it is believed that even the Egyptians used it as a natural sweetener.

Uses Of Parsnip:

Parsnip is often included in meals as a salad or even as a cooked vegetable. Parsnip has many health benefits, a few of which are listed below:

1. Smoothes Bowel Movement:

High in fiber, parsnip works effectively for smoother bowel movements, cleansing of the digestive tract and also digestion of food.

2. Keeps The Heart Healthy:

Parsnip helps to lower down the blood cholesterol levels. It also controls blood sugar level as well.

3. No To Cancer:

Parsnips are rich in many anti-oxidants and also have chemicals that help the body fight against fungal, bacterial and other diseases. The chemicals in parsnip,such as methyl-falcarindiol, falcarindiol, alcarinol, and panaxydiol provide protection against cancer.

4. Keeps Bones And Muscles Healthy:

If you eat parsnip regularly, you would also be supplying your body with sufficient levels of potassium and that would keep your bones healthy. Potassium also makes your muscles function properly.

5. Combats Asthma:

Eating parsnip is known to help address a whole range of respiratory diseases as well. It is believed to help cure and treat asthma, pneumonia and hay fever.

6. Good For The Little One:

Parsnips are a rich source of folate, which are good for pregnant women as it helps prevent any kinds of birth defects in babies. Folate is also one mineral that is vital for the body and helps fight and prevent the onset of dementia and osteoporosis.

7. Good During Convalescence:

Parsnips are a rich source of anti-oxidants and a gateway to good health. The antioxidants contribute to make the body build stronger immunity power and at the same time help the patient recover faster after sickness.

8. Keep The Blood Healthy:

The Vitamin C and Vitamin K in parsnip also help to keep the health of blood in good condition. It helps in proper blood clotting and also protects the liver from any harm.

9. Keep The Swelling Away:

Parsnip, as mentioned earlier, has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it works to keep the inflammation related diseases away.

10. Healthy Teeth And Good Oral Health:

Chewing on raw parsnips can help remove any food particles stuck in the mouth. The fiber content in parsnip helps clean the teeth and fight the bacteria that can cause oral problems.

Nutritional Information:

Parsnip is rich in fiber and also has starch and sugar content on the higher side of the graph. It is also a rich source of vitamin and minerals, such as Vitamin K, C, Iron, zinc, phosphorous and pantothenic acid. Apart from that it also contains potassium and manganese.

Some may say that parsnips are not the most sumptuous veggies, but with a bit of creativity you can put together some delicious broth, soup and even use the parsnip in your salads. With myriad health benefits on the offering, this is certainly one vegetable that you must include in your diet today!

Have you ever tried parsnip? Do you have a special recipe? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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