8 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Green Bananas

With a fancy sounding name, one might expect green bananas to be something exotic. But green bananas are just regular bananas. But don’t dismiss them as they have a host of health benefits.

Unlike yellow bananas, you can eat green bananas only after they are processed – either boiled or fried. There are many tasty and delicious recipes of green bananas. Fried bananas have extra calories, of course, due to the frying. So, it’s better to boil them. They can be used to make gravies and curries. The famous banana chips of Kerala are made from raw bananas. As they are prepared using coconut oil, it adds up to the health factor.

Benefits Of Green Banana:

So what are the benefits, you ask? Here they are:

1. High Fiber Content:

Green bananas are full of fiber. We all know that fibers are important for the proper functioning of the digestive tracts and bowel movement. One cup of boiled green bananas contains 3.6g of fibers. Consumption of adequate amounts of fiber also means that you are less susceptible to diabetes.

2. Resistant Starch:

Resistant starch is the starch that is not absorbed into the small intestine, rather, it is passed on to the larger intestine. A research, conducted by Janine Higgins of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, suggest that resistance starch intake is associated with several changes in metabolism which may offer positive health benefits. The health benefits include:

Reduced fat storage Improvement in the insulin sensitivity of the whole body Lowering of the plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations Decrease in glycemic and insulinemic responses

3. High Potassium:

Green bananas are high in potassium. A cup of boiled green bananas contain 531 mg of potassium. Our body needs potassium for muscle movement, proper functioning of the nerves, and purification of blood by the kidneys.

4. Better Absorption Of Nutrients:

By consuming green bananas daily, you will enable your body to absorb nutrients in a better way.

5. Probiotic Bacteria:

Green bananas serve as the perfect food for the ‘good and friendly’ bacteria. These bacteria, which live in your intestines, consume green bananas and help to achieve a healthier stomach and digestive tract.

6. Source Of Vitamins:

Green bananas are a rich source of various vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and more. These vitamins are extremely important to maintain a healthy body.

7. Diarrhea Treatment:

Green bananas prevent as well as treat diarrhea. Cook them well before consuming. Diarrhea is caused by a bactericidal, viral or parasitic infection. The symptoms of diarrhea include headache, nausea, fatigue, abdominal cramps, etc. Green bananas help tackle these symptoms.

8. Diabetic Diet:

People who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes can use green banana in their diet as green banana contains low amount of sugar. We all know how sensitive the diet of a diabetic patient is. You can include green bananas in the boiled form for best results.

Green bananas, like their yellow counterpart, are a storehouse of health benefits. You can prepare a variety of recipes using these bananas. Many people are wary of the taste, but with so many recipes to choose from, I am sure, you can whip up something that will be palatable for your family! And if nothing else works out, there are always the good old Kerala banana chips!

So, is green banana a part of your diet? Did you know about these benefits? Do you know of any more benefits? What are your ways of including green bananas in your diet in a tasty way? Leave your views in the comments section below.

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