1300 Calorie Diet – Everything You Need To Know About 1300 Calorie Diet

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Do you struggle daily to fight flab? While there are a variety of diets that claim to offer you a perfect shape, only a few of them are effective and without side-effects. The 1300 calorie diet is among the safer, more effective diets that exist today. The 1300 calorie diet has been recommended by thousands of individuals who have successfully shed kilos and are still keeping it off.

The diet works because it distributes the calories over three meals spread throughout the day. With the 1300 calorie diet, it is possible to include foods from all the food groups to ensure that the individual consumes a balanced, inclusive meal. The diet works for adults from various age brackets, and is equally effective for men and women. The 1300 calorie diet could prove to be a low calorie diet for active people, particularly men. It is recommended to consult a physician before getting on to the 1300 calorie diet.

Benefits Of 1300 Calories Diet:

  • When low amounts of carbohydrates and fat are incorporated into a 1300 calorie diet, it leads to rapid weight loss in a short span of time.
  • The diet includes nutrients from various food groups so that the individual is not deprived of other foods.
  • One of the benefits of the diet is that being a 1300 calorie diet, it helps to treat ailments like cardiac and diabetic problems.

1300 Calories Diet Sample:

What can I eat for 1300 calories a day? Here’s a sample of 1300 Calorie Diet outlined below.

  • Breakfast – 400 Calories

Two slices of whole wheat toasted bread with margarine and two hard boiled eggs, a glass of orange juice. An alternate breakfast is whole-grain cereal with a cup of skimmed milk, one apple and a slice of cheese with seven walnuts. This amounts to approximately 400 calories.

  • Lunch – 400 Calories

Lunch should consist of a 100 gram Turkey sandwich with spinach salad and eight strawberries. Alternatively, lunch could compose of a grilled chicken breast, one slice of whole wheat bread, one cup of green salad without dressing and a cup of low-fat yogurt. This amounts to 400 calories.

  • Dinner – 400 Calories

Turkey meatloaf with half a cup of mashed potato, a cup of steamed broccoli, one cup of tossed salad with a sprinkling of olive oil . Alternately, you can take one serving of lean ground beef, a cup of chopped lettuce and 200 gm of pasta for dinner. This amounts to 400 calories.

  • Snack – 100 Calories

A cup of yogurt, almonds, walnuts, low-fat cheese wedges, fruits, a cup of berries or raisins. These make for a low-calorie snack amounting to 100 calories.

This sample 1300 calorie diet plan is for those watching their weight. For people looking at alternate food choices, there are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Choose food groups that are inclusive of various nutritional groups. It is important to limit carbohydrates and fats to keep the calorie count low.
  • Ensure that the calories are spread over four meals, with 400 calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 100 calories for snacks. Adjust the level of calories in the next meal if the previous meal did not have sufficient calories, or had excess.

The 1300 calorie diet works on the principle of balance. Calories are balanced over four meals throughout the day. Nutrients are also balanced across the three meals. The 1300 calorie meal also offers flexibility in choosing food items as long as the 400 calorie count per meal is maintained, and the combination of food items is not toxic. The diet has been proven effective, safe and inexpensive as everyday food items are used.

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